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Valve having a sensor system within a valve housing that includes a sensor arranged on a groove attached to a valve plate
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1. A valve comprising
a valve housing having a first connection and a second connection; a valve plate arranged in the valve housing;
a passage opening arranged between the first connection and the second connection;
a valve seat surrounding the passage opening, wherein the valve plate can be brought into contact with the valve seat in order to disconnect a fluid link between the first connection and the second connection; and
a sensor system arranged within the valve housing, the sensor system comprising:
a plurality of sensors including a fluid sensor, and a sensor arranged on a groove attached to the valve plate and receiving a seal; and
a valve control apparatus having a signal processing apparatus, which is connected with the at least one sensor and is set up to determine a switch status of the valve based on a sensor signal and to generate a signal representing the switch status,
wherein the sensor system is arranged in a product space of the valve housing connecting in a fluid manner the first connection with the second connection, and
wherein a measuring head surface of a measuring head of the fluid sensor transitions sealed into a housing interior surface of the valve housing.