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Gas cylinder valve
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1. A valve for connection to a pressurized gas cylinder, the valve comprising:
a housing comprising a gas cylinder aperture which is connectable to a gas cylinder, and a housing conduit which extends through the housing from the gas cylinder aperture to one or more inlet/outlet apertures so that the valve is capable of providing fluid communication between the gas cylinder through the housing conduit and the one or more inlet/outlet apertures;
a flow control ball within the housing conduit which is movable from a closed position in which it substantially seals the housing conduit to an open position which provides fluid communication through the housing conduit between the cylinder aperture and the one or more inlet/outlet apertures;
ball seals having sealing surfaces corresponding to a shape of said flow control ball for substantially sealing said flow control ball in the housing conduit, wherein said ball seals comprise polyetherimide or polyaryletherketone; and
a tube which is removably connectable from the rest of the housing, said tube having a first threaded end portion that engages threads of a component of the gas cylinder and a second threaded end portion of finer threads that engage a threaded portion of the gas cylinder aperture, a mounting surface for engaging said tube with a tool for rotating said tube and a fastener having threads that engage said finer threads for locking said tube and the housing together at a desired angular position of the housing, wherein said tube includes a non-threaded portion disposed more internally in said housing than said second threaded end portion, and a seal disposed at said non-threaded portion;
wherein the housing is formed at least partially from aluminum.