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Control apparatus for automatic transmission
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1. An apparatus for controlling an automatic transmission that is connected to a prime mover mounted on a vehicle and changes speed of rotation of the prime mover to transmit the speed of rotation to driven wheels, having a torque converter interposed between the prime mover and the automatic transmission and equipped with a lock-up clutch, a hydraulic supply circuit that supplies hydraulic pressure to the lock-up clutch and the automatic transmission, and a controller that controls operation of the lock-up clutch and the automatic transmission through the hydraulic supply circuit, comprising:
a rotational speed ratio calculator that calculates a ratio of an input rotational speed of the automatic transmission relative to an output rotational speed of the prime mover; and
a lock-up clutch engage-position sticking determiner that causes the controller to form a lock-up clutch engaging circuit through the hydraulic supply circuit when it is determined that predetermined operating conditions of the vehicle are satisfied at vehicle drive-off, determines whether engage-position sticking malfunction of the lock-up clutch has occurred based on the calculated ratio and a change rate of the output rotational speed of the prime mover when the lock-up clutch engaging circuit has been formed, and causing the controller to implement fail-safe control when the sticking is determined.