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Planetary gear device
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1. A planetary gear device comprising:
a sun gear having external teeth;
a plurality of planet gears that have external teeth and mesh with the sun gear;
a ring gear that has internal teeth and meshes with the planet gears; and
a baffle unit disposed in a circumferential gap defined between the planet gears adjacent to each other,
the baffle unit including:
a first introduction opening portion that is open in a radially inward direction, and configured to introduce lubricating oil into the baffle unit after the lubricating oil has lubricated tooth surfaces of the sun gear and tooth surfaces of the planet gears;
a radially outer end wall that is disposed in a vicinity of a radially inner side of the ring gear;
an end wall disposed at one end portion of the radially outer end wall and forming one end, in an axial direction, of the first introduction opening portion;
a discharge opening portion to discharge the lubricating oil in the baffle unit; and
a guide portion disposed at least at a side portion of the baffle unit on a rear side in a rotation direction of the sun gear, and configured to cover the first introduction opening portion in the circumferential direction, and to guide the lubricating oil into the first introduction opening portion,
wherein a circumferential width of the first introduction opening portion is configured to be greater than a minimum gap between two planet gears adjacent to each other.