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Differential device
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1. A differential device which distributively transmits rotational force of an input member to a pair of output shafts, the input member retaining a pinion support portion that supports a pinion and being rotatable together with the pinion support portion, the differential device comprising:
a pair of side gears each having an annular toothing portion in mesh with the pinion in an outer peripheral portion and connected to the pair of output shafts, respectively; and
a cover portion axially covering an outside of at least one side gear of the side gears and rotating integrally with the input member, wherein
the pair of side gears include
shaft portions connected to the pair of output shafts, respectively, and
intermediate wall portions formed in a flat plate shape intersecting an axis of the output shafts, the intermediate wall portions integrally connecting the shaft portions to the annular toothing portions separated outward from the shaft portions in a radial direction of the input member, respectively,
each intermediate wall portion is formed with a width in the radial direction which is greater than a maximum diameter of the pinion,
the cover portion includes
a boss portion concentrically surrounding the corresponding shaft portion, and
a plate-shaped side wall portion connected to the boss portion and having an outer side surface as a surface orthogonal to the axis of the output shafts,
a back surface of at least one of the intermediate wall portions and the annular toothing portion of the side gear is rotatably supported on an inner side surface of a corresponding one of the side wall portions of the cover portion,
the input member includes an input toothing portion having a plurality of teeth extending in a direction substantially parallel to an axial direction of the output shafts, the input toothing portion configured to receive rotational force from a power source in an outer peripheral portion of the input member, and
the side wall portion of the cover portion is disposed within a width of the input toothing portion in the axial direction of the output shafts.