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Two pass multi-function torque converter
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1. A multi-function torque converter, comprising:
a cover arranged to receive torque;
an impeller including an impeller shell and at least one impeller blade connected to the impeller shell;
a turbine including a turbine shell and at least one turbine blade connected to the turbine shell;
a torus at least partially enclosed by the impeller and turbine shells;
a first pressure chamber at least partially formed by the impeller shell and the cover;
an impeller clutch including a portion of the impeller shell; and,
a resilient element assembly located in the first pressure chamber, the resilient element assembly includes at least one groove and radially inward flow of fluid out of the first pressure chamber is at least partly through the at least one groove;
pressure in the torus is arranged to displace the impeller shell in a first direction to substantially non-rotatably connect the portion of the impeller shell to the cover for a closed mode for the impeller clutch; and,
the resilient element assembly urges, with a first force, the impeller shell in a second direction opposite the first direction.