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Stator cone clutch
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1. A torque converter, comprising:
a cover arranged to receive torque;
an impeller including an impeller shell non-rotatably connected to the cover;
a turbine:
in fluid communication with the impeller; and,
including a turbine shell;
a stator:
at least partially located between the impeller and the turbine; and,
including a body portion with at least one stator blade and a first frusto-conical surface;
a stator cone clutch including:
the first frusto-conical surface; and,
a flange including a second frusto-conical surface;
a first thrust bearing axially disposed between the stator cone clutch and the impeller shell; and,
wherein in a stator locked mode:
the body portion and the flange are non-rotatably connected;
the stator cone clutch is arranged to urge the first thrust bearing against the impeller shell in a first axial direction; and,
the first thrust bearing is aligned, in a first axial direction, with the first frusto-conical surface or with the second frusto-conical surface.