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Torque converter in vehicle
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1. A torque converter in a vehicle comprising:
a front cover;
an impeller connected to the front cover to rotate together with the front cover;
a turbine arranged at a position opposite to the impeller;
a reactor positioned between the impeller and the turbine for changing an oil flow from the turbine toward the impeller;
a lock-up clutch having a piston for directly connecting the front cover to the turbine; and
a torsional damper coupled to the lock-up clutch for absorbing an impact and vibration acting in a rotation direction,
wherein the torsional damper includes
a retaining plate coupled to the piston,
a plurality of springs arranged at the retaining plate for imparting elastic force in a circumferential direction,
a driven plate coupled to a spline hub which acts as a reaction force on the springs and forwards driving power to a transmission, and
an inertial lever arranged between the piston and the driven plate, the inertial lever including a fixed pivot coupling portion coupled to the piston with a fixed pivot and a movable pivot coupling portion coupled to the drivers plate with a movable pivot.