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Secondary brake for commercial vehicle using MR fluid
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1. A secondary brake for commercial vehicles using Magnetorheological (MR) fluid comprising:
a rotor coupled to a transmission output shaft to be rotated together;
a stator configured to be disposed between the rotor and a body of a transmission and having a cavity formed in the stator, wherein a portion of the rotor is received in the cavity;
a stator coil provided in a portion of the stator and applying a magnetic field to the MR fluid so that braking torque is generated due to a shear resistance characteristic of the MR fluid;
a circumferential hole formed in the cavity of the stator in a circumferential direction to receive the MR fluid inside of the circumferential hole;
through holes formed in the portion of the rotor to receive the MR fluid inside the through holes; and
flow holes formed in the portion of the rotor received in the cavity to provide a passage allowing the MR fluid in the through holes to flow into the circumferential hole,
wherein the MR fluid circulates via the through holes of the rotor, the flow holes of the rotor, and the circumferential hole of the stator.