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One-way clutch
Alan Kent Johnson, Oak Forest, IL (US)
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1. A one-way clutch, comprising:
a load rotor including a first race and a second race and an inner shaft, with each race consisting of a radially outward facing circular contact surface rotatable about an axis of rotation, with each race rigidly connected to the inner shaft so that a fixed longitudinal distance separates the first and second races, with said inner shaft having a smaller rotational radius than the rotational radii of the races;
a driving member rotatable co-axially with said load rotor, including an inner circumference with at least one radially inward facing cam surface, with most or all of each cam surface rotatable within said longitudinal distance separating said load rotor first and second races, said load rotor and driving member providing a space therebetween;
at least one gripper element for the performance of torque transmission between said driving member and said load rotor, said gripper elements located and movable within the space between said load rotor and driving member, with each gripper element including a first gripping surface and a second gripping surface and a sliding surface, with the sliding surface disposed between the first and second gripping surfaces;
a stop for each said gripper element protruding from said driving member adapted to limit rotation of the gripper element in the first rotational direction relative the driving member;
wherein said gripper surfaces are arranged to provide a locking position in which said first gripping surface makes area-to-area contact with the said load rotor first race, said second gripping surface makes area-to-area contact with said load rotor second race, and said gripper sliding surface makes area-to-area contact with a cam surface of said driving member.