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Connecting rod lubrication apparatus
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1. An apparatus, comprising:
an elongated connecting rod extending from a first end to a second end along a central longitudinal axis;
a pin defining a rotation axis that is transversely oriented to the central longitudinal axis, the pin coupling the connecting rod to a piston at the first end of the connecting rod, wherein the connecting rod includes a surface that extends around and faces the pin and the rotation axis, the surface extending between opposite first and second edges spaced from one another along the rotation axis, the surface comprising a groove arrangement that is configured to collect lubrication fluid from at least one of the first and second edges, retain the lubrication fluid in at least one location between the first and second edges, and distribute lubrication fluid circumferentially around the pin, wherein the groove arrangement includes a first transverse groove portion extending generally along the rotation axis substantially across a substantial portion of a width of the surface between the first and second edges, the first transverse groove portion includes first and second grooves that intersect one another between the first and second edges and the first and second grooves each extend outwardly from the intersection to respective ones of the first and second edges, and further comprising a hole opening through the surface for delivering lubrication fluid to the surface, wherein the hole is offset from the central longitudinal axis and does not intersect the groove arrangement.