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1. A method for setting an expansion anchor including an anchor bolt having an expansion section; an expansion sleeve surrounding the anchor bolt and expandable by retracting the expansion section; a spring element situated on the anchor bolt and tensionable by inserting the anchor bolt into a bore hole, the spring element capable of retracing the expansion section of the anchor bolt into the expansion sleeve when tension is subsequently released; and an indicator element indicating when a setpoint tension of the spring element is reached, the method comprising:
providing the bore hole in a substrate;
driving the expansion sleeve of the expansion anchor into the bore hole by applying axial forces to the anchor bolt;
tensioning the spring element of the expansion anchor to the setpoint tension by applying axial forces to the anchor bolt, the indicator element indicating when the setpoint tension is reached; and
retracting the expansion section of the anchor bolt into the expansion sleeve by energy stored in the spring element, so that the expansion sleeve expands radially and anchors the expansion anchor in the bore hole.