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Lower member fixing device and fluid control device provided with the same
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1. A lower member fixing device, comprising:
a through hole provided in a lower member, the through hole being formed by a large-diameter section opened in an upper surface and a small-diameter section continued from a lower part of the large-diameter section and opened in a lower surface; and
a fixation member including a shaft section inserted into the small-diameter section of the through hole, a head inserted into the large-diameter section of the through hole, and a magnet section provided at a lower end of the shaft section,
wherein the fixation member fixes the lower member having the through hole to a support member,
a diameter of the magnet section is larger than a diameter of the small-diameter section of the through hole,
at least one slit for enabling reduction in an outer diameter of the head is provided in the head and the shaft section,
the support member is made of a magnetic substance, and
a magnetic force applied between the magnet section of the fixation member and the support member prevents the lower member from being separated from the support member.