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Attachment structure of an aircraft
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1. An aircraft comprising:
an attachment structure; and
an equipment unit,
wherein the attachment structure comprises:
a first attachment device extending in a longitudinal direction of the aircraft, wherein the first attachment device is attached to a stringer and to a first frame and wherein the first attachment device has a first engagement element;
a second attachment device attached to the equipment unit, wherein the second attachment device has a second engagement element adapted for engaging into the first engagement element, such that a force from the equipment unit in the longitudinal direction on the second attachment device is transferred via the second engagement element to the first engagement element and via the first attachment device to the stringer and the first frame;
wherein the equipment unit comprises a movable bin movable with respect to an outer structure attached to the aircraft, wherein the movable bin is movable between a closed position and an opened position,
wherein the second attachment device is attached to the movable bin, such that the second engagement element engages the first engagement element in the closed position of the movable bin,
wherein the first attachment device comprises a plate extending in the longitudinal direction, and
wherein the plate is attached with a first edge to the stringer and is attached with a second edge to the first frame and provides the first engagement element at a third edge opposite to the first edge.