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Water pump and method for producing water pump
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1. A water pump comprising:
a pump housing having a cylindrical portion at an axial end;
a drive shaft rotatably supported in the pump housing;
a pulley including a discal end wall that is connected to an end portion of the drive shaft and a cylindrical base part that is integrally connected to an outer periphery of the discal end wall and shaped to surround the cylindrical portion;
a bearing that is interposed between the cylindrical base part and the cylindrical portion to rotatably bear the drive shaft; and
an impeller that is connected to the other end of the drive shaft to rotate integrally, wherein
the discal end wall is formed with a plurality of through openings that communicate an inside with an outside of the discal end wall,
relative to a rotational axis of the water pump, each of the through openings defines, at a location on each through opening that is most radially distant from the rotational axis of the water pump, a pathway groove that extends substantially along an inner cylindrical surface of the cylindrical base part,
an opening area of the pathway groove is smaller than that of the corresponding through opening,
a width of the pathway groove is reduced as the pathway groove extends radially outward, and
the pathway groove extends through the discal endwall along a direction that is parallel to a longitudinal axis of the drive shaft.