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Vane pump unit
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1. A vane pump unit comprising:
a rotor;
a plurality of vanes that are slidably provided in the rotor;
an cam ring that surrounds the rotor and the plurality of vanes;
a first plate that is disposed on one end surface side of the rotor;
a second plate that is disposed on the other end surface side of the rotor;
a connecting bar that passes through the cam ring in an axial direction, and has a first end portion fixed to the first plate, and a second end portion which passes through the second plate and then protrudes from the second plate; and
a retainer that is retained in the second end portion of the connecting bar, the retainer being configured to prevent the second plate and the cam ring from slipping out of the connecting bar,
wherein the retainer is placed at the second end portion to secure the second plate and the cam ring such that the secured cam ring and the secured second plate are displaceable along the connecting bar.