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Internal gear pump
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1. An internal gear pump comprising a trochoid in which an inner rotor having a plurality of outer teeth is eccentrically and rotatably accommodated in an outer rotor having a plurality of inner teeth, the outer teeth meshing with the inner teeth, and a suction-side chamber for suctioning liquid and a discharge-side chamber for discharging liquid suctioned into the suction-side chamber are formed between the inner teeth and outer teeth; said internal gear pump being characterized by comprising a casing in which is formed a recess for accommodating the trochoid and a cover for closing off the recess of the casing, at least some of the casing being a body injection-molded from a resin composition,
wherein the casing and the cover are securely bolted,
wherein the casing has a flange part, the flange part being part of the body injection-molded, and
wherein a sintered metal bushing is provided integrally during injection molding in a bolt fixing hole portion in the flange part.