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Pump systems and associated methods for use with waterjet systems and other high pressure fluid systems
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1. A waterjet system, comprising:
a pressurizing device configured to pressurize a process fluid, wherein the pressurizing device includes:
a crankcase,
a crankshaft operably disposed within the crankcase,
four reciprocating members operably coupled to the crankshaft, wherein each of the reciprocating members is operably coupled to the crankshaft with a corresponding connecting rod of length L, wherein rotation of the crankshaft moves each of the reciprocating members through a stroke distance S, and wherein 2.3≤L/S≤6.5, and
four cylinders mounted to the crankcase, wherein each of the individual reciprocating members is operably disposed in a corresponding one of the individual cylinders; and
a jet outlet downstream from the pressurizing device, the jet outlet being configured to receive the process fluid from the pressurizing device at a pressure greater than 30,000 psi and less than 150,000 psi and to direct a jet including the process fluid toward a workpiece.