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Shutdown controller for a wind turbine and a method of shutting down a wind turbine
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1. A controller for a wind turbine, the controller comprising:
one or more computer processors configured to:
determine a multi-dimensional detection limit within a predefined multi-dimensional admissible state space for the wind turbine, wherein determining the multi-dimensional detection limit comprises a software-based modelling of the multi-dimensional detection limit as a convex hull;
receive, from at least two sensors communicatively coupled with the one or more computer processors, sensor data comprising values for at least two different mechanical states of the wind turbine, the at least two different mechanical states reflected in the multi-dimensional detection limit;
determine, using the received sensor data, a state vector describing an estimated state of the wind turbine relative to the multi-dimensional admissible state space; and
communicate, when the state vector is determined to be outside the convex hull of the multi-dimensional detection limit, a shutdown signal to the wind turbine.