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Hydrostatic motor and method for operating a hydrostatic motor
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1. A motor comprising a rotary unit and drive element, wherein the rotary unit comprises a rigid, dimensionally stable float body;
wherein the motor is designed to generate a torque using a hydrostatic force, wherein the torque is generated on the basis of a displacement of the center of gravity of the rotary unit;
wherein the rotary unit is arranged in a liquid fluid such that the float body whose relative density is lower than the relative density of the liquid fluid is, in a lower position, subject to a buoyant lift force which drives the float body in an upward movement into an upper position and thereby drives the drive element; and
wherein the rotary unit also comprises:
a deformable element comprising a gaseous fill medium;
wherein the float body and the deformable element are arranged in the liquid fluid such that the float body compresses a first part of the deformable element during the upward movement, wherein the first part is arranged above the float body; the compression of the first part of the deformable element forces the gaseous fill medium into a second part of the deformable element, wherein the second part is arranged below the float body.