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Turbine with radial inlet and outlet and multi-element guide vanes for oscillating flows
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1. An oscillating water column turbine, comprising:
a shaft configured to rotate about a central axis;
first and second radially-facing, annular ports, the first and second ports disposed around the central axis;
a flow passage extending radially-inward from the first and second annular ports and extending axially therebetween;
rotor blades coupled to the shaft, intersecting the flow passage, and being offset from the central axis by a first distance;
first guide vanes intersecting the flow passage and disposed proximal the first port, the first guide vanes including first stators and second stators, the first stators being positioned between the first port and the second stators, the first and second stators being configured to turn a fluid flowing from the first port toward the rotor blades and being clocked relative each other such that each of the first stators is disposed in a wake created by one of the second stators when the fluid flows from the rotor blades toward the first port; and
second guide vanes intersecting the flow passage and disposed proximal the second port, the first and second guide vanes being offset from the central axis by a second distance that is greater than the first distance.