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Convertible water pump
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1. A pump device comprising:
a Wirtz pump including a scoop, flexible tubing wound in a circular configuration;
said wound tubing in said circular configuration, said wound tubing having an inlet end communicating through an axial passage with an outlet;
said wound tubing having a first planar surface and second planar surface;
a paddle wheel operatively engaged to said wound tubing adjacent said first planar surface;
said paddle wheel having a base and a plurality of paddles each of said paddles having a proximal end and a distal end;
each of said paddles in a pivoting engagement with said base, at a respective proximal end thereof;
said paddles pivotable from a collapsed position with said distal ends thereof adjacent said base, to a projecting position with said distal ends distanced from said base by a length of said paddles running between said proximal end and said distal end; and
a stand having a vertical member for supporting said wound tubing and said paddle engaged therewith, in an elevated position above a support surface.