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Method and apparatus for executing engine autostart in a powertrain system employing multiple torque generating devices
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1. A method for controlling a powertrain system that includes an internal combustion engine, an electric machine configured to generate propulsion torque responsive to a driver torque request and an energy storage device electrically connected to the electric machine, the method comprising:
requesting execution of an engine autostart operation;
evaluating, via a controller, whether a driveline torque sag will occur during the execution of the engine autostart operation prior to the engine autostart operation;
forgoing via the controller the execution of the engine autostart operation when the driveline torque sag will occur during execution of the engine autostart operation unless a superseding condition compels the execution of the engine autostart operation; and
executing via the controller the engine autostart operation upon occurrence of the superseding condition;
wherein the superseding condition is associated with a state of charge (SOC) of the energy storage device; and
wherein the driveline torque sag comprises a decrease in the propulsion torque without a corresponding decrease in the driver torque request.