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Direct injection multipoint nozzle
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1. An injector including:
a housing having a fluid channel for fluid;
a plurality of injector modules fluidly connected to the fluid channel, each injector module including:
a spray cup having first and second open ends, a chamber defined between the ends, and a plurality of radial air passages extending through the spray cup for directing air radially inwardly into the chamber; and
a pressure swirl atomizer attached to the spray cup at the first end, the pressure swirl atomizer including a body having a tip extending into the chamber, a fluid passage extending through the body for directing fluid in an axial direction into the chamber, and at least one air passage radially outwardly spaced from the fluid passage for directing air in the axial direction into the chamber; and
a heatshield assembled to a downstream end of each injector module, the heatshield including a body for protecting the injector modules from combustion heat and a plurality of apertures located so as to allow the fluid from a corresponding injector module to be dispensed from the spray cup;
wherein the plurality of apertures are spaced along a length of the heatshield in a direction perpendicular to the axial direction, and
wherein the plurality of injector modules are spaced from one another in the direction perpendicular to the axial direction along the length of the heatshield such that the injector modules float radially relative to an adjacent one of the plurality of injector modules.