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Air filter device, especially for a motor vehicle
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1. An air filter device comprising:
a filter housing;
a filter element arranged in the filter housing, the filter element including:
an inflow face receiving air to be filtered, and
an opposing outflow face discharging filtered air,
a filter media extending between the inflow face and the outflow face:
wherein an axial direction is a direction from the inflow face to the outflow face of the filter element, and
a radial direction is a direction traverse to the axial direction;
wherein a first flow face is either the inflow face or the outflow face;
a frame part fixed connected to an exterior of the filter element at the first flow face and framing the first flow face of the filter element
the frame part arranged at and fixedly connected onto a radially outer surface of the filter media at the first flow face, the frame part arranged radially outwardly from and circumferentially surrounding the filter media, framing the first flow face of the filter element,
wherein the frame part at a first axial side comprises:
a first axially outwardly projecting ring circumferentially surrounding the first flow face,
a second axially outwardly projecting ring spaced radially outwardly from and circumferentially surrounding the first axially outwardly projecting ring,
space between the first and second axially outwardly projecting rings forming a circumferentially closed ring-shaped air duct receptacle surrounding the first flow face, the air-duct receptacle having a circumferential U-shaped cross section that opens axially outwardly in a direction pointing away from the filter element and the filter housing for receiving and engaging the air duct;
wherein the frame part is arranged at least partially on an exterior side of the filter housing.