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Heat exchanger for the feeding of fuel in an internal combustion engine
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1. A heat exchanger for the feeding of fuel in an internal combustion engine provided with a cooling water circuit, having an inlet, connected to an outlet of a water radiator, and an outlet; and with a lubricant oil circuit, having an inlet and an outlet,
wherein the heat exchanger comprises:
a first stage and a second stage, each having a base provided with a water inlet and a water outlet, the base of the second stage having an oil inlet and an oil outlet, the first stage being provided with a fuel inlet nozzle and a fuel outlet nozzle, which are selectively connected, in parallel, to the supply of fuel to the engine (M);
a connecting block having a first junction face and a second junction face (fj1, fj2), against which are respectively seated and affixed the bases (b1, b2) of the first stage and the second stage (E1,E2), and a mounting face (fm) seated and affixed to the engine (M), the connecting block defining: a return conduit, communicating the outlet of the cooling water circuit with the water inlet in the first stage;
an interconnecting conduit communicating the water outlet of the first stage (E1) with the water inlet of the second stage (E2); an outlet conduit communicating the water outlet of the second stage (E2) with an inlet of the water radiator; and
two oil conduits, communicating the inlet and the outlet of the lubricant oil circuit with the oil inlet and oil outlet respectively, of the second stage (E2).