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Gas injector for the direct injection of gaseous fuel into a combustion chamber
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1. A gas injector for directly injecting gaseous fuel into a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine, comprising:
a valve seat;
a valve needle, which releases a first cross-sectional area at the valve seat in a lift; and
a gas control region situated at the valve needle and which defines a second cross-sectional area together with a component surrounding the valve needle;
wherein in response to a lift, a change in the first cross-sectional area at the valve seat differs from a change in the second cross-sectional area at the gas control region, and
wherein downstream from the gas control region in a flow direction, the gas injector has a space having a larger radius than a radius of the valve seat, so that once a predefined lift has occurred at the gas control region, the gas control region has no effect on an overall cross-sectional area for the injection of the gaseous fuel.