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1. An oil scraper ring assembly comprising:
a holding ring which extends in a circumferential direction about a center and which has a longitudinal axis extending through the center, wherein the holding ring comprises:
a first end face and a second end face oriented towards the center, wherein the first and second end faces are mutually separated by a groove running in the circumferential direction, and wherein the first end face is adapted to contact a surface of a piston rod and projects in a step-like manner further towards the center than the second end face,
a first side surface, a second side surface, as well as an outer surface facing away with respect to the center,
wherein the first side surface has a plurality of recesses forming a plurality of conduits extending towards the center, which conduits are mutually spaced apart in the circumferential direction and which extend in the radial direction over the complete width of the first side surface and thereby form a fluid conducting connection between the end face and the outer surface,
a plurality of crown parts, each respective crown part extending in the circumferential direction and arranged between two of the plurality of conduits, wherein each crown part respectively projects over the two conduits in the direction of extent of the longitudinal axis and in this connection forms a side surface for the two conduits,
wherein at least one of the crown parts is a long crown part which extends over an angular range between 60 degrees and 350 degrees in the circumferential direction, and
wherein at least said long crown part forms an intermediate space between the second end face and the surface of the piston rod that is circumferentially flow connected to the two respective conduits, wherein at least said long crown part projects over the respective intermediate space in the direction of extent of the longitudinal axis such that the second end face forms a boundary wall for the intermediate space, and
a scraper having a scraper lip, wherein the scraper is arranged:
in the groove of the holding ring, such that the scraper lip is oriented towards the center of the holding ring in order to scrape oil at the piston rod, and
at an end of the intermediate space, in the longitudinal direction, such that the intermediate space starts at the scraper lip so that oil removed from the piston rod by the scraper lip is moved into the intermediate space;
wherein that oil scraped by the scraper lip at the end face flows through the intermediate space and escapes to the outer surface from the intermediate space via the two respective conduits.