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Constructions for piston thermal management
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1. An opposed-piston engine including at least one cylinder with longitudinally-separated exhaust and intake ports and a pair of pistons disposed in opposition to one another in a bore of the cylinder, each piston including a crown with an end surface, in which each end surface has a contour including an elongated bowl adjoined by a curved protruding ridge that cooperates with the end surface of the other piston to define a combustion chamber, and in which each piston includes an annular cooling gallery in the crown and an openwork with a pattern of holes defining cavities is embedded in the crown, between the end surface and the cooling gallery, the crown of each piston including an end piece on which the end surface is formed, a body piece with the annular cooling gallery, and a mid piece disposed between the end and body pieces in which the openwork is formed, and the openwork pattern of air cavities in each piston following the contour of the piston's end surface.