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Gas turbine temperature measurement
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1. A method for determining a temperature in a pressurized flow path of a gas turbine downstream of a compressor and upstream of a turbine, comprising:
sending an acoustic signal from an acoustic signal emitting transducer arranged to send an acoustic signal across at least a section of a cross section of the pressurized flow path;
detecting the acoustic signal with a receiving transducer arranged to receive the acoustic signal after the acoustic signal crossed the section;
measuring the time needed by the acoustic signal to travel from the acoustic signal emitting transducer to the receiving transducer;
calculating the speed of sound based on the measured traveling time and distance between acoustic signal emitting transducer and the receiving transducer;
providing a heat capacity ratio (κ) and a specific gas constant (Rspec) of a gas flowing in the pressurized flow path; and
calculating the temperature of the gas in the section of the pressurized flow path as a function of the speed of sound, the heat capacity ratio (κ) and the specific gas constant (Rspec) of the gas flowing in the pressurized flow path, wherein a combustion pulsation pressure is measured over frequency, a maximum pulsation pressure is determined, and a frequency of the acoustic signal emitting transducer is tuned to a frequency, with a combustion pulsation pressure, which is less than 20% of the maximum pulsation pressure.