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Bleed air systems for use with aircraft and related methods
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1. A bleed air system for an aircraft comprising:
a turbo-compressor comprising a compressor, a turbine, and a first drive shaft coupled between the compressor and the turbine, the first drive shaft to enable the turbine to selectively drive the compressor, the compressor having a compressor inlet and a compressor outlet, the compressor outlet to be fluidly coupled to a system of the aircraft that receives pressurized air, the compressor inlet to receive bleed air from a low-pressure compressor of an engine of the aircraft;
a gearbox operatively coupled to the first drive shaft to drive the compressor, the gearbox operatively coupled to and powered by a second drive shaft extending from the engine; and
a clutch disposed between the first drive shaft and the gearbox to selectively connect the first drive shaft to the gearbox to enable the engine to drive the turbo-compressor.