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Casing body through which hot gases can flow and comprising an inner heat shield
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1. A casing body for a hot gas flow comprising:
an outer casing body having a hot gas side;
a segmented inner heat shield;
a countersink disposed on the hot gas side and a precisely prepared sunken locating surface disposed in the countersink;
a pin-type retainer disposed on the sunken locating surface, the retainer including a separate spacer disposed on the sunken locating surface and extending from the hot gas side, the spacer including a first abutment surface abutting the sunken location surface and a second abutment surface;
a fixing element clamping the inner heat shield and the outer casing body to one another such as to fix the spacer and to clamp the inner heat shield to the second abutment surface; and
wherein the inner heat shield is clamped on the second abutment surface between a first disk and a second disk, the first disk and the second disk each having an opening, the openings receiving the spacer.