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Gas turbine combustion system
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10. A gas turbine combustion system, including a gas turbine, wherein the gas turbine comprises:
at least one compressor;
a first combustion chamber for generating working gas, wherein the first combustion chamber is connected to receive compressed air from the at least one compressor, and
wherein hot gases of the first combustion chamber are admitted at least to an intermediate turbine or directly or indirectly to a second combustion chamber, and
wherein hot gases of the second combustion chamber are admitted to a further turbine or directly or indirectly to an energy recovery, and
wherein the first and/or the second combustion chamber includes at least two can-combustors arranged in an annular can-architecture,
each can-combustor including a plurality of premixed burners, wherein ignition of a mixture of air and fuel starts at a premixed burner outlet and a flame is stabilized in a region of each premixed burner outlet by a backflow zone, wherein the plurality of premixed burners of each can-combustor is divided in two groups, each with one or more premixed burners, wherein a first group is positioned in a can-combustor face and a second group is positioned downstream of the first group in an axial position, wherein one or more premixed burners of the second group is axially aligned in an oblique position with respect to an axial extension of each can-combustor.