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Self-cooled orifice structure
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1. A self-cooled orifice structure comprising:
a hot side panel;
a cold side panel spaced from the hot side panel;
a continuous first wall extending axially between the hot and cold side panels and spaced radially outward from a centerline;
a continuous second wall having an outward face and an opposite inward face, wherein the inward face defines an orifice that is a dilution hole of a combustor; and
a first plurality of helical vanes projecting laterally, radially, inward from the first wall;
the outward face extending axially between the hot and cold side panels and spaced radially inward from the first wall;
wherein a plurality of helical channels are defined radially between the outward face and the first wall and defined laterally between respective adjacent vanes of the first plurality of helical vanes, and communicate through the hot and cold side panels.