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Combustion chamber of direct injection diesel engine having inducers
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1. A combustion chamber of a diesel engine, which has a recessed combustion bowl to mix fuel injected from an injector with air, the combustion chamber comprising:
a cylinder head which has the injector disposed therein and is positioned at an upper side of the combustion bowl;
a cylinder block which is positioned at a lower side of the cylinder head; and
a piston which moves upward and downward in the cylinder block and faces the cylinder head,
wherein a plurality of radial inducers is provided on a bottom surface of the cylinder head around the injector, and
wherein the radial inducers include a plurality of main inducers and a plurality of sub-inducers, each of the plurality of sub-inducers is disposed between two of the main inducers and has a length shorter than a length of a main inducer of the main inducers.