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Air control system with an integrated diagnostic device for a motor vehicle
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1. An air control system with an integrated diagnostic device for a motor vehicle, comprising:
a carrier structure;
an air output opening;
a closing element arrangement with one or several closing elements adjustably placed on the carrier structure for a variation of the flow cross-section of the air output opening at least between a closed position and an open position;
a power unit which is constructed to adjust the closing element arrangement in an adjustment movement at least between the closed position and the open position;
a diagnostic device which is constructed to acquire information about the status of the closing element arrangement;
an interface to convey data at least from the diagnostic device to another device;
wherein for at least one closing element of the closing element arrangement the air control system also includes a resistance element associated with said closing element, said resistance element being constructed to temporarily increase the torque or force required by the power unit to move the closing element arrangement past the position of the associated resistance element towards the closed or the open position, because of the reciprocal effect between the closing element and the associated resistance element,
wherein the diagnostic device is constructed to acquire at least one operating parameter of the power unit as information about the status of the closing element arrangement.