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Coolant-control valve
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1. A coolant-control valve comprising:
a valve body that is driven to control a flow rate of coolant for cooling an engine;
a casing that houses the valve body;
an actuator that rotationally operates the valve body, the actuator including a motor and a reduction gear that decelerates rotation of the motor, the reduction gear including a plurality of power transmission elements, the plurality of power transmission elements including a gear, the gear including an arch-shaped groove centered on a rotation center of the gear;
an angle stopper that is inserted into the groove and fixed to a body inside which the actuator is provided, a rotational angle range of the gear is restricted by abutment of the angle stopper against each of two end portions of the groove; and
control means for controlling the actuator and for performing an initialization process that determines a rotational angle range of the valve body based on the restricted rotational angle range of the gear.