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Cooling fan device for vehicle
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1. A vehicle cooling fan device comprising:
a fan shroud that is box-shaped and accommodates at least one of a radiator and a condenser, wherein the fan shroud includes an opening located at a front side in a traveling direction of a vehicle and a fan coupling surface located at a rear side in the traveling direction;
at least two cooling fans located on the fan coupling surface, wherein the cooling fans have central axes that are separated from each other by a predetermined distance in a vertical direction; and
a shield rib that is located on the fan coupling surface between the adjacent cooling fans, wherein the shield rib extends from an upper side to a lower side of the fan coupling surface and contacts both the upper side and the lower side, projects toward the at least one of the radiator and the condenser, and includes an upper end portion and a lower end portion, wherein
at least one of the upper end portion and the lower end portion of the shield rib includes a cut-out portion that allows air to flow between the adjacent cooling fans.