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Engine device for work vehicle
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1. An engine device for a work vehicle, the engine device comprising: a first case configured to remove particulate matter in an exhaust gas of an engine, a second case for removing nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas of the engine, and a urea mixing pipe configured to connect the first case to the second case, wherein the first case and the second case are integrally attached by case fixing bodies, fastening bands, and supporting frame bodies to form an exhaust gas purification unit, and wherein a plurality of supporting leg bodies are vertically installed in a cylinder head of the engine, and a supporting stand is coupled on an upper end side of the first plurality of supporting leg bodies, and the supporting stand is attached to an upper surface side of the engine in an approximately horizontal state, and the case fixing bodies are attached to an upper surface side of the supporting stand via the supporting frame bodies, and wherein the engine, the first case, and the second case are configured to be integrally vibrated in a swingable manner, wherein an inlet pipe of the first case is arranged on a side where an exhaust manifold of the engine is installed, and wherein the second case is juxtaposed on a lateral part of the first case on an installation side of a cooling fan of the engine, and wherein the urea mixing pipe is supported between the first case and the second case on an upper surface side of the first and second cases.