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Muffler cutter
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1. A muffler cutter that is fitted to a tailpipe of a vehicular exhaust system, the muffler cutter comprising:
an exhaust pipe, a plurality of through-holes being formed in a side wall of the exhaust pipe;
a tubular heat shield plate provided around the exhaust pipe coaxially with the exhaust pipe;
a space defined by the exhaust pipe and tubular heat shield plate, the space having a first portion and a second portion; and
a sound-absorbing heat insulator provided only in the first portion of the space, wherein
the first portion and the second portion of the space each has a curved shape,
the sound-absorbing heat insulator has a curved shape,
the second portion of the space is a hollow and closed space, and
the exhaust pipe is spaced 1 to 50 mm apart from the tubular heat shield plate in the second portion of the space.