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Lubricant feed mechanism for engine
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1. A lubricant feed mechanism for an engine, the lubricant feed mechanism comprising:
a cylinder head;
a camshaft to which lubricant is fed through the cylinder head;
a cam cap to which lubricant is fed through the camshaft;
an oil feed member formed by folding a first part of a panel member onto a second part of the panel member, such that an inside surface of one of the parts of the panel member includes a recess so as to form an oil passage for guiding lubricant fed through the cam cap when the first part of the panel member is folded over on the second part of the panel member; and
a cam of a valve gear to which lubricant is fed through the oil feed member,
wherein the oil feed member comprises a plurality of coupling portions, which includes a folding portion, for coupling a part of an end portion of the first part with a part of an end portion of the second part, wherein the coupling portions are formed integrally with the first part and the second part and are arranged at intervals.