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Barring gear assembly for driving in rotation a shaft of a turbo-alternator group
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1. A barring gear assembly for a turbo-alternator group and configured to drive, in rotation, a shaft having an axis of rotation A, the barring gear assembly comprising:
a main wheel fixed on the shaft and defining lateral sides located on either side of the axis of rotation A; and
a barring gear module having a support piece on which is mounted a clutch system for coupling and uncoupling a secondary shaft to and from the main wheel, the secondary shaft being driven by an auxiliary motor, the barring gear module being positioned on one of the lateral sides of the axis of rotation A,
wherein the clutch system is mounted on the secondary shaft for rotation on the support piece,
wherein the barring gear module includes a gear reducer for driving the secondary shaft,
wherein the gear reducer is a wheel gear reducer and an endless screw, and the wheel gear reducer shares a same rotational axis with a pinion of the clutch system, and
wherein the wheel gear reducer is positioned at a side of the pinion of the clutch system on the secondary shaft.