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Steam turbine forced air cooling system, equipment, and steam turbine equipped with it
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1. A steam turbine forced air cooling system for forcibly cooling a steam turbine after shutdown of the steam turbine, comprising:
a first branch pipe branched off from a pipe on a steam inlet side configured to supply steam to the steam turbine;
a non-steam-driven ejector disposed on the branch pipe; and
a stop valve disposed in the branch pipe at a position closer to the pipe on the steam inlet side than to the non-steam-driven ejector, wherein
the non-steam-driven ejector is installed separately from an existing vacuum pump or a steam-driven ejector,
the existing vacuum pump or the steam-driven ejector is configured to produce a vacuum in a condenser,
the first branch pipe does not connect the existing vacuum pump or the steam-driven ejector, and
the non-steam-driven ejector releases an exhaust air to an atmosphere through the first branch pipe without passing through the existing vacuum pump or the steam-driven ejector.