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Method for determining the oscillation parameters of turbo-machine blades and a device for putting the same into practice
Danilin Aleksandr Ivanovich, Samara (RU); CHernyavskij Arkadij Zhorzhevich, Tol'yatti Samarskoj obl. (RU); Danilin Sergej Aleksandrovich, Samara (RU); and Gretskov Andrej Aleksandrovich, Samara (RU)
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1. A method for determining the oscillation parameters of turbo-machine blades, comprising:
when the blade tip travels in front of a sensor, reading values of a single pulsed signal formed by the sensor are obtained in a number that is not lower than that of unknown parameters of a harmonic or polyharmonic oscillation of the blade, and
the origin of a single pulsed signal readings obtained for each blade is synchronized with the blade tip position relative to the sensor according to a given level of the single pulsed signal;
then the values of the harmonic or polyharmonic oscillation parameters of the blade are calculated with the use of the obtained values of the single pulsed signal reading origins and of the value of the turbo-machine shaft revolution period.