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Gas turbine engine turbine vane baffle and serpentine cooling passage
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1. An airfoil for a gas turbine engine comprising:
pressure and suction side walls joined to one another at leading and trailing edges, the pressure and suction side walls surround an airfoil cavity and provide an exterior airfoil surface;
a baffle arranged in the airfoil cavity, the baffle includes a supply hole;
ribs extend from the pressure and suction side walls into the airfoil cavity and engage the baffle, the ribs configured to provide a serpentine cooling passage between the baffle and at least one of the pressure and suction side walls, the serpentine cooling passage has first and second passes joined by a bend, the ribs form a film cooling cavity between the first and second passes, and the supply hole fluidly connects the baffle to the film cooling cavity; and
film cooling holes extend through the at least one of the pressure and suction side walls, the film cooling holes in fluid communication with the film cooling cavity.