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Segmented turbine blade squealer tip and cooling method
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1. A gas turbine engine blade squealer tip, comprising:
an airfoil planform tip plate having along its outer periphery downstream from its leading edge and upstream from its trailing edge opposed and laterally separated projecting concave pressure and convex suction rails respectively having inner and outer faces;
an enclosed tip cavity defined between the tip plate and respective inner faces of the pressure and suction rails from the leading to trailing edges;
at least one slot formed through respective inner and outer faces of the suction rail downstream of the leading edge, the slot in communication with the tip cavity and oriented for directing cooling air flow there through and downstream along the pressure rail inner face; and
a first tip fin projecting from the tip plate, having an upstream portion proximal the suction rail, a downstream portion oriented in the tip cavity and an outer face defining an upstream side of a first slot formed in the suction rail, the first tip fin oriented for directing cooling air flow through the first slot and downstream along the pressure rail inner face.