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Well completion
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1. A well completion method, comprising:
in a single trip into a wellbore, the following steps being performed for each of multiple zones penetrated by the wellbore:
a) abrasively perforating the zone with an abrasive slurry via a perforating assembly conveyed on a tubing;
b) fracturing the perforated zone with flow from the earth's surface via a well annulus; and
c) then plugging the fractured zone with a removable plug substance via the perforating assembly, wherein the plug substance is different from the abrasive slurry, and wherein the perforating assembly displaces in the wellbore while the plug substance continues to be flowed into the wellbore via the perforating assembly and while additional abrasive slurry is being introduced into the tubing, the additional abrasive slurry perforating one of the multiple zones in a subsequent step a.