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Systems and methods for inline chemical injection for dump flood water injectors
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1. A method of inline water injection, comprising:
collecting water from a source reservoir into a water collection zone of an injection well, wherein the injection well is in fluid communication with the source reservoir and a target reservoir, wherein the injection well is drilled into a formation, and wherein the source reservoir and the target reservoir are different reservoirs in the formation;
injecting the water from the source reservoir through a static mixer, wherein the static mixer is disposed in the injection well and the static mixer is intended to remain in the injection well for an economic life of the injection well;
delivering and injecting a concentrated chemical solution from a source outside of the injection well into the static mixer while injecting the water from the source reservoir through the static mixer;
mixing the water from the source reservoir and the concentrated chemical solution in the static mixer, resulting in an injection fluid;
injecting the injection fluid into the target reservoir to mobilize hydrocarbons in the target reservoir towards a producing well; and
recovering the hydrocarbons mobilized by the injection fluid from the producing well.