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Re-fracturing bottom hole assembly and method
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1. A bottom hole assembly for cased hole recompletion in a borehole extending from a surface to a subterranean location, comprising:
spaced seals mounted externally to a tubular string support and defining at least one perforation and fracturing location there between;
an anchor seal for said tubular string mounted externally to said tubular string further from the surface than said spaced seals such that the drift dimension of said tubular string through said spaced seals is larger than through said anchor seal, said anchor seal selectively supporting said tubular string from the cased hole;
a service string supporting a service string bottom hole assembly further comprising at least one releasable plug below a perforating gun, a perforating gun with at least one shot and at least one fracturing port;
said service string bottom hole assembly when in the tubular string selectively positioned adjacent said at least one perforation and fracturing location for sequential perforation and fracturing with fluid flow through said port at said at least one location.