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Connection conditions for modeling fluid transport in a well system environment
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1. A fluid flow modeling method comprising:
generating, by operation of data processing apparatus, a flow path connection condition for a flow path intersection in a one-dimensional flow model, the one-dimensional flow model representing fluid flow in a subterranean region, the flow path connection condition conserving fluid momentum among three or more flow path branches that meet at the flow path intersection according to:
where ρ represents a density of the well system fluid, Ai and Aj represent respective flow cross-sections of branches i and j, Pi and Pj represent respective fluid pressures in branches i and j, and Ui and Uj represent respective fluid velocities in branches i and j; and
simulating fluid flow in the subterranean region by operating the one-dimensional flow model based on the connection condition;
wherein an injection treatment control system selects or modifies fluid pressures, fluid densities, fluid compositions, and other control parameters based on data provided by the simulated fluid flow.